Nostalgia Sim Baseball 7.0.3

Nostalgia Sim Baseball 7.0.3

Craig J. Slane – Freeware – Windows
Nostalgia Simulation Baseball is a powerful baseball simulation game designed for baseball enthusiasts. Our product offers you a challenge: succeed as a baseball owner by creating a winning franchise. In our free sim leagues you manage all aspects of your team from the front office to the field and compete live with other owners for the league championship. Available leagues span from the dead ball era to the present. The feature rich software package gives you expert control over all player settings, strategies, finances, drafts, trades, waivers, award voting, and communicates seamlessly with our server.


Nostalgia Sim Baseball 是在由Craig J. Slane开发类别 Games & Entertainment Freeware 软件。

最新版本是 Nostalgia Sim Baseball 的 7.0.3 2022/07/05 上释放。 它最初被添加到我们的数据库 2010/12/16 上。

Nostalgia Sim Baseball 在下列操作系统上运行: Windows。

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